Details about Accidents and Compensation

When you or any near dear one meets an accident, the time becomes such that you can’t take decisions, in case of some seriousness. In such cases, having a prior knowledge about some unpredictable circumstances is a good thing to have.

In NSW, the rules and policies cover the accident and injured in certain circumstances. You can definitely get compensation for injuries in the accident. The cover is for psychological, psychiatric and physical injury.

The claim is independent of the fault of the driver. Every injured person is liable to get claim of $5000 for loss of earnings and treatment. For more details and updates you can also follow academyofroadsafety.com.au

insurance and property damage in an accident

So now the question will be, the procedure to get the claim.

  1. The very first thing is informing the police. It should be done in 28 days of the accident. For this always keep police event number handy.
  2. You need to know the other driver’s insurance company.

It is easy to get the number by calling Motor Accidents authority. You have to give them the registration number of the other car and they will give you details.

  1. A medical certificate from your doctor will be required.
  2. Within 28 days of the accident, you have to fill the accident notification form. You can get this form from NSW authority website. You are required to send this form to other driver’s insurance companies. Also you can visit onroad driving school penrith for best driving lesson in Australia.
  3. In case if you are not responsible for the accident and you have had major injuries causing financial loss of more than $5000, you can put the claim and you will be eligible for the compensation after the inquiry. Even if you are partially at fault, you are eligible for compensation of more than $5000.
  4. You are also eligible for worker’s compensation through a worker’s claim. This is applicable if you are travelling to work place or travelling from the workplace and during this travel, you meet an accident.
  5. There is definitely a time limit for claims of compensation above $5000. For such claims, you have to complete the procedure of making the claim within 6 months of the accident.
  6. For the people injured in the accidents, who are below 16, compensation policies are different. If an under 16 is injured in an accident, they are eligible for any cost above $5000. The under 16 is eligible for hospitalization, care and medical costs completely.

accidents and compensation

For this compensation claim too, the procedure needs to be completed within 6 months of the accident. The claim needs to be sent to any of the involved car in the accident.

Hope you like above information and details regarding road safety. Also visit regularly for more updates.


How to avoid texting while driving

It is becoming regular to see the drivers’ texting and driving. A texting driver can make many other drivers around him anxious. It is equally dangerous as a drunk driver driving the car. Imagine the situation of an alert person sitting in the car. It becomes difficult to stay quiet in this situation. Here are some tips to make the driver put down the phone.

  1. Direct talk

You can directly tell the person that I don’t find it good and responsible to text and drive. It is not only putting his life indanger, but many others around him Wait to see how the individual reacts. Also you can call top penrith driving school. Mostly the person will feel ashamed and put down the phone.

How to avoid texting while driving

  1. Indirect approach.

In some case, you may not feel good advising a driver to stop messaging continuously, then hint him by saying: “May I reply the one through your phone?” Or, since more states are passing out tickets for messaging and driving, you could say, “I have seen a great deal of cops out today, you may not have any desire to get a ticket issued.” Or bring up things the driver has missed seeing. As in, “Did you see that puppy/child/toppled bank truck?” If the driver does not agree, then you can say that it really great of him to text and drive, but what if the other driver is also doing the same.

  1. Give that wow look

You can give a sarcastic wow, look to the one. Ask him who is so important for whom, he is ready to give his life or take others life too. You can also ask him, if he had noticed some old people or kids down the lane in that funny look.

  1. Work in group

If you have a group of friends, then follows a strategy to make a person leave the habit of texting while driving. Also you can do defensive driving course in best school. You can take out the car’s key. It is already proved that texting and driving is more hazardous compared to drunken driving.

Avoid texting while driving

  1. Leave the person

It is better to think of your life and avoid the person, who is still not listening to the people. If the person is avoided, it is sure that the person will feel ashamed. It is not that only teens follow such practices, but even adults are indulging in such task. An eye opener is always required to let them know that they are wrong.

Awareness can always create changes. The way world is moving forward with the technology new vices are also getting introduced. So far, world was fighting against the drink and drive thing. Now text and drive is the new phenomena for which awareness is to be created. Text and drive is more dangerous compared to drink and drive. A drunken driver will at least try to keep the car in control, but texting driver is completely unaware of the situation around him. It is a total case of negligence. So, create an awareness against text and drive.


Accident cases and analysis

Accident caused by drivers

The rate of road accidents is decreasing year by year, in Sydney, Australia, but still the fatal accidents are occurring every day. The only reason is improper care taken by drivers. As the rate of accidents in 2013 was nearer to 4%, which is less than the previous year i.e. 2012 (5.1%). It simply means that rules and regulations of traffic are working in good manner, even though accidents are happening. The reason for that, drivers are defensive Driver Training their vehicles in such rough manner, which results in accidents.

Accident analysis

Speed is the biggest reason for accidents

Every time we cannot blame the driver for the accident. Many other reasons are also prevailing there like, technical fault in an automobile. Sometimes, weather conditions. But the cause of major accidents is the driving skills. Life is so precious, all knows this fact very well. Even though, everyone knows that the speed kills. Extreme speed has become the way of getting adventure and entertainment. It reflects the negative part. Many youngsters’ drives their car at full speed and majority times lost the control over the vehicle and met with a fatal accident. The same is happening in Sydney. If you wondering for driving training then enfield driving school is the best school. People are addicted to speed and speed is addicted to accidents.

Carelessness and not abiding by law

As there are different traffic rules for different areas in Sydney like rules during school hours, business hours, and state highway rules, etc. speed limits are also different as per the area. The maximum speed limit is applicable on state highways and that’s why the rate of accident is high particularly for highways. Another reason of occurring accident is the carelessness of driver to follow traffic rules like avoiding the signals at cross roads, unnecessary over take, wrong side driving, etc. Also check box LED pizza sign at our portal.

Accident cases

Many times accidents occur at a crossroads, when a driver avoids the red signal and instead of stopping the vehicle, he or she drive it. Here, green signaled vehicles have no reason to stop and so the accident takes place. This is such an ambiguous thing to not follow traffic rules and regulations. It may result in a fatal accident. There can be an outcome of death, arrest by police, permanent injury or destruction of public property.

We cannot live others’ life, but we can help them to live their life. So, every person while driving vehicle, should take care about fellow passengers and also another vehicle rider. This positive sense can help to drive bitterly than roughly. The state with very strict traffic rules will definitely succeed to save many live but the fact is that accidents are the man made majority times, proper steps towards reducing it by drivers can decrease the rate and may be chance of 0% accident rates in future.


Getting a customized, personalized number plate

Owning and driving a vehicle in Australia can be made interesting by designing your own number plate. You can apply every bit of creativity to get one. It is always good to get things personalized to leave your mark. For personalized number plates you can get the different fonts, background color and different styling of plates. You can also order an online number plate with a specific design, you like. You can design it by self too or get your favorite colors and font in it. There are online portals for taxi signs and website to buy and sell of number plates.

Requirements for online order of Number plate

· First and foremost necessity is driving licence number.

· The content that you prefer for your expected number plate

· Details of the suburbs, from where you wish to collect the number plate (Postcode)

· Email address of the vehicle owner.

Number plate procedure

Place an order online for the Number plate procedure

· Open the portal for Number plates.

· Press order online button

· You have two options here, personalized or customized. Select either of two.

· Enter your vehicle type

· Check if your proposed design is available. Enter the details and check for availability

· You can select a style group and finally a particular style

· Clarify whether an organization or individual.

· Fill in the details of name, email id and driving licence number. If you want to learn driving then Driving school in blacktown is nice school.

· You have to specify that the ordered plate is a replacement of old one or for a new vehicle.

· Abiding by the agreement of information collection and policies.

· Click Validate button after entering the Postal Code.

Learners Drivers

· You have to select the service center from where you are planning to pick up the new plate and Drive Lesson of driving.

· There will be an option to confirm or edit further.

· The final step to agree to the terms and conditions

· Clear the payment through online transaction

· Order submitted.

Points to keep in mind

· Generally, it takes 21 days to deliver a number plate to the stated service center.

· Special plates take up to 6 weeks for delivery.

· You will receive in an intimation letter of pick of a plate and details of documents you need to bring to get the plate.

· In case, it has been more than 28 days of submission of an order for a new number plate, you can contact to know the details.

· For getting the new plates you have to hand over the old plates.

· Payment options are same. Debit or credit card online. Cheque, cash or money order in person. Even cards will be accepted in person.


General Rules to drive a car in Australia if you are from outside

Australia is a very big continent with less population. Road rules are very strict and otherwise you will invite penalties and fines, if breaks any road rules. Any outside visitor or local person, who want to drive vehicle in Australia, should have to follow all road rules. In Australia, people drive on the left side of the road. There are many big cities in Australia like Sydney. Here are some tips for car driving in the countryside and also big cities like Sydney and Driving school Penrith. There are many cases of foreign drivers meeting an accident because of the left drive rule in Australia.

Rules for driving

Always keep a few tips in mind as mentioned

Legal issues and safety:-

The driver has to keep in mind all legal rules and safety rules while driving a car, especially in cities like Sydney because there are a number of rules for different timings like business hours, schooling hours, etc.


The license is compulsory for all who want to drive car in Sydney and in the whole country, whether citizen or outsider, no matter. A license should be in English language and if it is not in English than traveler has to get it in English language from any Australian state within 3 months. Tourists should have an international driving permit.

Seat belts:

The Seat belt is the compulsory rule for all car drivers. It is also compulsory for all passengers of the car. Seat belts are very important safety measures in cars to protect the driver and all other occupants. You have to pay fine if you don’t wear a seat belt while driving as well as while travelling through the car.

Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs:

The limit of alcohol in blood is 0.05% in Sydney as well as the rest part of Australia. If police finds more alcohol than that, in random test of any driver, the driver should pay fine and police may cancel driver’s license. It depends on the level of alcohol or drugs in the blood. The driver cannot refuse to police to test the alcohol level, otherwise fine has been charged to the driver for not following the rule.


As accidents are always cruel and it brings injury as well as death also, if precautions are not taken by drivers so you will learn Onroad Lessons. Police and emergency services should be contacted when any accident occurs. If the driver leaves the accident spot after accident, penalties are available for it.

General Rules for drive a car

Speed limits:

There are signposts of speed limits, where it is applicable. Speed limit in cities like Sydney is 50 km/h. Speed limit in school zones of the cities is 40 km/h during certain hours and there is also a restriction for cars during business hours in Sydney.

City driving and parking:

It is advisable to avoid driving in business districts like Sydney during morning and late afternoon. These are the peak times and so traffic is always on the roads during these hours.

Drivers have to park cars on the left side of the road and it is compulsory in each and every state and cities of Australia.


Some road rules you need to know

There are some rules, which will make you totally amazed that such rules also exist. You know it better.

1. Are you aware of the fact that it is legal to move slightly ahead of the red light line to allow an emergency vehicle a route, when it is stuck in big traffic.

In this case, if you meet an accident, then you will be at fault, but you won’t be booked for giving way to an emergency vehicle.

There are fine and demerit points in case you don’t give way to an emergency vehicle.

2. You can also not run an orange light. It carries equal demerit points and fine.

3. Operating a mobile phone in any condition such as Macca drive through or other drive ways is a legal offense. Operating a mobile phone on the road is offense as in any case road is a road, which ultimately results in people and vehicles on it. You can’t even keep your phone on your lap. Our traffic police is smart to identify a phone resting on lap is equivalent to using it in a hideout.

4. You must be aware that littering is an offense, but throwing a banana peel or apple seeds are also banned. Don’t think that they are biodegradable, so it should be allowed.

5. Now Free Driving Lesson one is really interesting. You cannot wave hands to your friends or relatives peeping out from the car or bringing your hands out of the car. It can be considered as limb protruding. Unnecessarily blowing the horn is also an offense.

Free Driving Lesson

6. Re-registration on time is also very much necessary. If you forget it even by day, you are inviting a fine.

7. Driving in any case, after having any kind of drug is illegal in all territories. If you want to know holiday list of Australia then click on National Public Holidays 2017.

8. A bike rack should not be fitted in a way that it captures the visibility of the number plate.

9. It is illegal to make an unsafe U-turn. Even if taking the turn is within the line, it is unsafe then it is illegal. Even taking a U turn at a traffic signal is not allowed.

10. Beware when you open your car door. If you hit a cyclist, other car or a pedestrian while opening your car door is totally finable.

11. When road works is in progress or if you are a cyclist then you can cross the unbroken lines.

National Public Holidays 2017

12. Do you enjoy hasty Driving school auburn while overtaking? It’s an offense. Cutting in after overtaking is hazardous. Be prepared for the penalty.

13. Front passenger cannot recline the seat. If the excuse given is belt not fitting properly, then also you will invite a ticket for not wearing belts at all.

14. When a stop sign is indicated stop. Don’t break the queue.

15. This one is our favorite. It is ok to feel the pedal, then to have your heels stuck in the pedals and inviting an accident.


Latest new arrivals in Car section in 2016

Now that you have finally planned to purchase a car in 2016, we planned to give you an insight in the world of 10 best cars out of 50 new vehicles confirmed.

1. Mazda CX- 9

Seven Seat SUV is pouring out the best torque like a petrol engine and economical fuel efficiency of diesel. If Mazda arrives by mid-year it pricing would be levelled at around $42,000. It’s designed perfectly for driving in traffic conditions.

2. Toyota Prius

The best part of purchasing Prius is for getting fuel economy. The people, who values fuel, undoubtedly go for a Prius. It is suspected to provide a fuel economy that ranges around 3.2km/100 km. There is also a total interior upgrade. Its pricing would be around $35,000.

3. Hyundai Elantra

Total exterior and interior change for the new Elantra. It is expected to be longer and wider compared to the present model. If you want to teach driving then visit Driving school parramatta sydney. There won’t be any specific price hike compared to present $20,000. Its interior is, though, going to get a total makeover, which is going to be rather classier.

4. Renault Megane

Megane has associated quality plastic for front and back tail to cut down on weight. The engine is going to be a variation of 1.2 to 1.6 liters variation in petrol version and 1.5 liter turbo charged diesel option. Prices are expected to $21,000.

Free Driving Lesson

5. Volkswagen Tiguan

The speculated improvement in Tiguan is an increase in dimensions and less in weight. The autonomous braking system is the newest addition in it. It has a feature of pedestrian detection and lane changing. Price expected $30,000.

6. Subaru Impreza

Subaru has now decided to add looks feature along with safety for which it is renowned. Booth space will be same, but the model will be shorter and wider. The expected pricing is around $40,000. Check website for corporate driver training.

7. Kia Sportage

So lots of dramatization with four ice cubed shaped front lights and dimension increase of 40mm at the front end. With its super cool looks prices are expected to stand around $28,000.

Defensive driving

8. Honda Civic

Expected prices are $20000. This model is expected to be better compared to its previous models. Perhaps its first turbo charged engine will be debuted. The basic models will carry the same 1.8 liter petrol engine.

9. Holden Astra

The high end model of Astra is speculated to be ranged around $22,000. The lucrative features of the car would be massaged chair for the driver, autonomous braking system, and auto dimming high beam headlights. Both transmission cars will be available, where manual will have 6 levels and auto will be totally automatic.

Public Holidays Australia

10. Ford Focus RS

Switching up to all wheel drive from front wheel drive and 2.3 liter turbo engine has exceeded all its competitors. The costliest of all upcoming one it is going to be charged around $50,990. Torque vectoring and drift mode are few other software based changes.





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